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A New Study – On Post-Traumatic Growth

A New Study – On Post-Traumatic Growth

A few studies have focused on post-traumatic growth in veterans, but none that specifically examine this phenomenon in military nurses deployed to war zones.  The impact of traumatic events such as the 9/11 attacks, natural disasters, and war has been documented in the clinical psychology, nursing, and medical literature.  Yet one is left wondering if anything positive ever emerges from a tragic or negative experience.  Only recently have researchers have begun looking into post-traumatic growth in the midst of post-traumatic stress. Nurse researchers Dr. Elizabeth Scannell-Desch, Col., USAF NC (Ret.) and Dr. Mary Ellen Doherty invite you, if you are a military nurse who has deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, to participate in an anonymous survey about your experience of taking care of coalition, enemy, and civilian casualties there.

The study survey is at

Research on military nurses is very important because it can improve future training and document our history. Thank you for your participation.