Preserving Our Past, Capitalizing on the Present, Embracing the Future

The ANCA Legacy Giving Program


What are the Components of the Program?
Why Should I Contribute?
How Can I Make a Gift?
 Can I Make a Gift in Memory or in Honor of Someone?
Who Manages the Program?

The Army Nurse Corps Association’s Legacy Giving Program was established by the Army Nurse Corps Association, Inc. (ANCA) solely to benefit the association and its members. This Program is used to help maintain and develop the initiatives of ANCA to further its mission and benefit members.  ANCA  is the professional military nursing organization of choice for Army nurses past and present.

ANCA is a 501(c)(19) veterans non-profit organization with the mission to preserve the past, capitalize on the present and embrace the future of the Army Nurse Corps and Army nursing. Members can include any Army Nurse Corps officer of the Active Army, the Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve components, as well as former members of the ANC honorably separated or retired from any component of the Army.

What are the Components of the Legacy Giving Program?

The purpose of the Program is to raise funds to accomplish the mission and goals of ANCA.  The ANCA board reserves the right to accept or decline a specific donation based on the capability of the organization to manage the donation or mission of the organization. Currently there are three designated funds to which you can donate:

Scholarship and Education Fund:  Used for nursing scholarships and other educational activities for the organization.  Professional nursing certification is supported.


Research and Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Fund:  To support the initiation and dissemination of nursing research and evidenced based projects to further the knowledge of nursing science.  This fund supports Research and EBP grants; costs associated with dissemination of research and EBP findings; and research awards given for excellence in nursing research.


New Initiatives Fund:  This fund supports new initiatives that promote the mission of the organization such as new marketing strategies, membership connection strategies and other projects as determined by the ANCA board and communicated through the strategic plan.


And... You can always choose to donate “Where Most Needed.”

Why Should I Contribute?

The goal of ANCA is to connect generations of Army nurses to maintain the legacy of excellence in Army nursing.  Membership dues cover the operational administrative costs of the organization.  By contributing to one of the three funds that comprise the Program, you can further the ability of ANCA to support this legacy. 

Your gift may allow you to take a charitable income tax deduction this year and, depending on the way in which you contribute, to avoid capital gains taxes, income taxes and estate taxes when you die.  These strategies are possible because ANCA is a qualified tax-exempt organization described in the Internal Revenue Service charitable giving code.

How Can I Make a Gift?

Outright Gift Options:

Cash, Credit Card, and check donations are the easiest way to make a gift. Checks should be payable to ANCA with the notation that it is for a specific component fund of the Program or designated “Where most needed.”  Click the red button at right to donate here using your credit card or you can download the form for a donation to be mailed to the ANCA office.

There are also several excellent ways to make a gift that don’t require you to actually write a check! Some of these gifts options are very easy to make and all of them provide relief from income taxes and/or estate taxes and many also avoid capital gains tax on assets you have owned for more than one year.  Please feel free to contact us if you have specific questions (888-742-9910 or use our Contact Us page, Department: Support ANCA).

Appreciated stocks, bonds, and mutual funds that have been held for at least 1 year make excellent gifts since you will avoid capital gains tax on the transfer and receive an income tax deduction for the value of the assets on the date of gift. If you are making this type of gift, please contact the ANCA Office (8000 IH -10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78230-3087) and we will provide you with the information your broker will need. For mutual funds or stocks/bonds held in certificate form please contact ANCA (888-742-9910 or Contact Us, Department: Support ANCA), as the process to transfer certificates is a bit different.

Matching Gift programs are available to many retirees from their former employer.  Check with your company’s benefits office and see if you can leverage your gift into something bigger and to get the required form. When you make your gift, be sure to include your matching gift form so the ANCA Office can apply for the matching funds.  You will receive a charitable income tax deduction for your gift.

Required Minimum Distributions from your IRA can now be rolled directly to a charity, thereby avoiding the income tax on the distributions. You can contribute all or a portion of your annual required minimum distribution. In this case, there is no income tax charitable deduction allowed, but you will not have to pay income tax on the value of the transferred assets. Donors should contact the agency holding the retirement funds to find out how best to transfer these assets to ANCA to avoid being taxed on the distribution. The ANCA Office should be alerted that a gift is coming from you and can provide the information to transfer the funds electronically.

Personal Property & Real Estate Gifts are more complicated gifts to complete. Please contact the ANCA Office for more information on how to make a gift using those assets.

Deferred Gift Options:

These types of gifts are set up now, but the actual transfer of assets to benefit the Program will happen in the future. Typically, these gifts leave control of the assets in the hands of the donor until their death.  Here are some examples:

  • A Will Bequest or a Trust Designation is a wonderful way to make a meaningful gift to the Program.  Here is sample language for a bequest.

I give to the Army Nurse Corps Association, INC, San Antonio, TX the sum of $_____OR ____% of my residual estate OR the following designated property to be added to the Army Nurse Corps Association, Inc, San Antonio, TX, (designate Legacy Giving Program component of your choice or designate to use where most needed).

Gifts made this way qualify as a charitable estate tax deduction and can lower the amount of estate taxes your estate may have to pay to the federal and state governments. You will need to see your attorney to add this gift into your will or living trust.

  • IRA or Qualified Retirement Plans To gift all or a portion of your account balance at your death simply change the beneficiary designation with your provider to the Army Nurse Corps Association, Inc, San Antonio, TX, Legacy Giving Program component of your choice. Your gift will qualify for an estate tax charitable deduction plus there is no income tax on the assets since they pass to charity and not an individual or your estate.

  • Life Insurance may no longer be as important to your family as it once was. You can name the ANCA as the owner of a whole life policy during your lifetime and receive a current charitable income tax deduction. Or, you can designate the ANCA as a beneficiary of all or a portion of the policy at your death. If the gift happens at your death, the portion coming to help the ANCA qualifies as an estate tax charitable deduction. Contact the company that holds your policy for the required forms to change the beneficiary designation. The gift should be designated to Army Nurse Corps Association, Inc. for the specific Legacy Giving Program component of your choice.

  • Charitable Remainder or Charitable Lead Trusts are special types of charitable trusts and the Foundation can be named as the sole or partial beneficiary. The gift should be designated to the Army Nurse Corps Association, Inc. for the specific Legacy Giving Program component you wish. At this time, ANCA is not able to act as the trustee for these special types of trusts.

  • Charitable Gift Annuities are great gift vehicles, but ANCA is unable to offer them at this time.

Can I Make a Gift in Memory or in Honor of Someone?

Making a gift to ANCA is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a friend or family member or to honor a significant life event like a birthday, anniversary, or even as a way to say “thank you” to a special Army nurse. Please consider naming ANCA and its Legacy Giving Program as a place where donations can be made in lieu of flowers when a loved one dies. For your convenience, you can download this form to assist with this.  Please forward gifts to the ANCA Office ATTN: ANCA Treasurer (8000 IH -10 West, Suite 600, San Antonio, Texas 78230-3087).  All gifts qualify as a charitable deduction for income tax purposes.

The family or the person(s) being honored will be informed of all gifts made and the donor will receive a tax receipt and a thank-you letter.

No matter how you choose to make a gift to the Program,
your gift is greatly appreciated and will help keep ANCA’s mission viable and vibrant.

Who Manages the Program?

The Program is managed by the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors of the Army Nurse Corps Association, Inc. San Antonio, TX.  The Board is responsible for the approval of all gifts, investment and management of these gifts, and approval of all disbursement from Program component funds.

Because the method in which you contribute to the Legacy Giving Program will determine the tax benefit to you or your estate, you are urged to consult with your legal and financial advisors.