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ANCA Scholarship Thank-Yous

The Army Nurse Corps Association is very proud of the success of its longstanding program in support of nursing education through scholarships. Every year we award as many as 17 scholarships to deserving recipients: present or former Army Nurse Corps officers studying advanced nursing, Army enlisted personnel studying to become nurses, or students in nursing education programs who themselves or their close relatives have had Army service. We are grateful for the letters of thanks and appreciation we receive from many of these recipients, and wish to share a few of those below.

At the ANCA conventions in 2012 and 2014, several scholarship recipients expressed their thanks in videos shown during the programs. They can be viewed by clicking these icons.

Macy Jaynes, daughter of an Army Warrant Officer, is a 2021 ANCA Scholar, a BSN student at the University of Texas at El Paso.

Macy Jaynes Thank-you note

Carlene Mott, wife of an Army Lieutenant, in the Family Nurse Practitioner program at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, is a 2020 ANCA Scholar.

Carlene Mott Thank-you letter

Courtney Calbert, former ARNG SGT, in the DNP-FNP program at Oklahoma City University, was a 2019 ANCA Scholar.

Courtney Calbert thank-you letter

Allison Preza, daughter of a former ANC officer, in the Regis University BSN program, was a 2018 ANCA Scholar.

Allison Preza Thank-you note

Sergeant Courtney Calbert, Army National Guard, in a BSN program at Oklahoma City University, was a 2017 ANCA Scholar.

SGT Courtney Calbert

Zachary M. Wagner, Army National Guard, in a MSN program at San Francisco State University, was a 2017 ANCA Scholar.

Zachary Wagner Scholarship Thank-you ltr 

1LT Valentina Goularte, Army Nurse Corps, in a MSN program at University of South Florida, was a 2015 ANCA Scholar.

  1LT Valentina Goularte Scholarship Thank-you ltr

Amanda Hall, wife of Active Duty Army Officer, in a MSN Anesthesia program at University of North Carolina, was a 2014 ANCA Scholar.

Amanda Hall Scholarship Thank-you ltr