Preserving Our Past, Capitalizing on the Present, Embracing the Future

Joining ANCA

You are eligible to become a member of the Army Nurse Corps Association if you are:

  A member of the US Army Nurse Corps who
  • is currently serving on active duty
  • or in the US Army Reserve or National Guard,



  A former member of the Army Nurse Corps who
  • has retired from active or reserve component service,
  • or served on active duty or in a reserve component and was honorably discharged.

As an ANCA member you can:

  • Access The Connection newsletter, and the Member section of this website, with its members-only information
  • Network with active duty and retired Army Nurses
  • Access the member directory to connect with colleagues
  • Contribute and plan for the future
  • Reconnect * Learn * Build by attending our biennial Convention
  • Work collaboratively to preserve the history and traditions of the Army Nurse Corps
  • Promote the ANCA Scholarship Program and other special Army nursing projects
  • Participate in the ANCA Mentoring Program
  • Join ANCA’s Special Interest Groups
  • Hold office and vote for election of ANCA board members and changes in ANCA bylaws

To join ANCA right now,

Just complete the on-line membership application and enter your credit card information on our secure site. Or you can mail us the completed Membership Application Form along with your check. ANCA dues are only a modest $40 for your two-year membership. If you have questions about ANCA membership, Contact Us.

For details about ANCA's organization structure, you can review the ANCA Bylaws.

Are you a former or current ANCA member?

  • If your membership has lapsed, Just log on using the email address in your record in the ANCA database as username, and your password. If you don't know your password, click the Reset Password link on the logon page. If you need any help with re-joining, let us know via the Contact Us page, Department Routing: Membership.

  • If you are a current member, we send a reminder a month or two before the expiration date of your membership with instructions on how to renew. If you missed it or would like to go ahead and renew now, just go to your membership record by logging on, then click  Renew on Membership’s Dropdown menu. If you don't know your password, click the Reset Password link on the logon page.

Gift Membership

Your gift of a membership in the Army Nurse Corps Association would be of long-lasting value to a young ANC officer or an older former Army Nurse who "can no longer afford it," or in honor of an Army Nurse's birthday, promotion, retirement, or special occasion. ANCA will make the gift very memorable by sending it along with a certificate with your personalized message to the recipient. It's easy! Just fill out the Gift Membership Form and mail it along with your check.